Our hot water heater went out on a Sunday morning. I called several plumbing companies, but none were willing to come out on a weekend. A neighbor suggested ADI. Warren came out that afternoon and I had hot water (more import, my wife had hot water) that same evening.

     The following day, Warren called to make sure that the unit was working properly and that we were happy with the temperature setting. Repeat: he called to make sure the temperature was set to our liking. I highly recommend ADI.


Terry S. Grand Prairie, TX

September 2015


I was really concerned about having a company come in to correct the initial mounting. We just moved into our house in November, so the last thing I wanted was a bunch of holes in my bedroom wall. I was very impressed with Warren from ADI. He came in and the first thing he did was evaluate the existing mounting to make sure he understood my issue and what I wanting. Once he understood that it was a height issue and knew that they would have to move the installed electrical/wiring conduit so that it would be hidden once the TV was raised. Warren educated me on the texturing that has been used my wall and did let me know that since it was one texture on top of another, that they would do their best but it would not be 100%. Fortunately, we had left over paint from the seller. The results were AMAZING. The TV was raised so that it is at a comfortable height to watch. They repaired all holes in the wall from the original mounting. And for the moved electrical/cord panel, it was moved and the patch work was TERRIFIC. Unless you know exactly where to look you cannot notice a difference in the wall. When my partner came home, he could not find where to old hole used to be. I am very happy with how upfront Warren was in their capabilities and their patience with my dogs barking at them. I have their business card and plan to use future mounting and other handyman tasks.


Amazon hired this company to repair and fix a TV mount that was performed by another company that was unsatisfactory.

Dan Sirucek

Bedford, TX

February 2017


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